“I have been in the financial services industry for over 30 years.  Over the course of my career, I have used many consultants and simply would categorize Erin as being among the best, if not the best.  I consider Erin to be more of a business partner than a traditional consultant.  What makes her stand out is that she becomes very intimate and engaged in your business by gaining a deep understanding of all aspects of the business (opportunities and challenges) and most importantly the objectives of the engagement.  

“Her project management and business analytical skills are top notch.  Erin has a unique ability to cut through the organizational dynamics to provide clear understanding and then suggest aggressive but attainable recommendations.  She will challenge current thinking within the organization and arrive at what is really possible while carefully pointing out those sensitive items of organizational behavior.  Erin is a champion when it comes to addressing vendor management matters which are often obstacles for the organization.  She effectively works to address and resolve vendor issues while ensuring services are delivered as defined and contractual obligations are met.  Contract negotiation is a strong skill set she employs.  Lastly, her ability to put all her work into a meaningful written document and presentations is above par.  She has excellent verbal presentation skills and effective and clear writing abilities.  

“Often an engagement will result in the need to find a new vendor or leader within the organization.  Erin has a comprehensive RFP process for new vendors and a truly unique approach to recruiting staff.  Both of which come with great success.

“As I write this recommendation, I now am even more convinced of her special value proposition. She is a complete package for a business partner.  So, whatever you have for a business need or consulting engagement – Erin is a first choice for a discussion before you move forward.”

– Jeffrey Smith
Community Banking Executive

Erin has done an excellent job of helping us source and recruit talent here at Mascoma Bank. Her many years in banking give her first-hand knowledge of the industry, and of those within the industry. Erin’s passion and enthusiasm for business and organizational development, are infectious. She’s an outstanding professional recruiter and promoter of talent. Thank you Erin for all you’ve done to help us build Mascoma’s Portland team and better position the Bank for Maine growth!

Todd F. Bachelder
Senior Vice President, Mascoma Bank

“I have been working with Erin for over a year now on some key open positions and she has sourced us some really great candidates many of whom are now Unity College employees. Her ability to not just listen, but hear, what her client needs was refreshing. She has also been able to source candidates from around the country which has brought an increase in diversity to our organization as we grow.”

Dr. Melik Peter Khoury
President & Chief Executive Officer at Unity College

“I highly recommend Erin to assist in your executive search.  Her real world business experience helped me define my needs, and then recruit the appropriate person.  She efficiently managed the process by screening candidates and focusing my energies on the right candidates.   The end result is a great hire without the stress.”

-James Hanley
President, The Wishcamper Companies, Inc.

“Erin possesses a rare combination of high level skill sets and expertise including: strategic planning, market research, business development, recruiting, project management, and vendor selection and negotiation.   The combination of these skill sets and her highly focused results oriented approach enabled Erin to deliver tremendous value to our company in a multi-year engagement.”

– Neil Kiely
Chief Executive Officer at Androscoggin Bank

“Hiring the right people is the primary key to success in any organization. Erin has the research skills, the people skills, and the honed instinct to find the person who will fit the job and thrive in it. She is very professional in dealing with job prospects and takes care of the entire hiring process from recruiting to negotiation. She is professional and prompt in her communications — both written and oral. Her calm demeanor sets people at ease and allows her to build trust. Without hesitation, I recommend Erin to anyone for their executive hiring needs!”

– Amardeep Kahlon
A recognized leader in competency-based education & distance learning; experienced researcher; expertise in program & curriculum development; international experience; keynote speaker.

“Erin and I worked together for several years at Bangor Savings Bank.  I was always impressed by her ability to command a room full of independent thinkers.   She embraces change and new opportunities to learn.  Erin strives to improve both herself and her company while empowering the people she manages to do the same.  She has a great sense of process and how to improve it.  She was a strong advocate for our clients and our department and got us whatever resources we needed to be successful.  I also learned early on that if you told Erin that you were going to get something done, you better do it, because she is going to follow-up on it at the next meeting.  I endorse Erin for her leadership and I’d welcome the opportunity to follow her again in the future.

– Kyle Bolduc
Business Intelligence Analyst

“Erin has the experience and skillset to enhance the way you prospect and do business. She provides candid and germane feedback, building in accountability to what she teaches to ensure success!”

– Karen Coffin
Machias Savings Bank

“Erin and I have worked on a few different projects for Banks ranging in size. Her experience on the Bank and Vendor side is a huge asset for her clients and their partners. Specifically, we were able to successfully launch growth programs with early stage partners that needed a fair amount of extra process support. I would highly recommend Erin for any financial institution looking to grow or better manage their customer base.”

– Joe Phalen
Director at Q2