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Business Consulting Services

Erin Hurley Consulting, Inc. helps organizations improve operational performance, identify and execute upon opportunities for growth, launch or expanded services and drive new business.  Clients capitalize on Erin’s twenty-five years of experience to serve as a catalyst for change, helping them transform entire business divisions, source talent to drive corporate objectives, and incorporate new technologies and processes that deliver sales and improve profitability.  Serving as more of a business partner than a consultant, Erin offers unique value to all of her engagements.

Strategic Planning

Does your Board and Executive Team have a lot of ideas and great conversations about what it should do?  But the execution falls short?  Or is your team counting on past success to carry the organization forward, with no clear plan for innovation or growth?  These are the two most common reasons for our engagement.  We will challenge current thinking within the organization and identify what is really possible, while focusing on the overlap between the strengths of the organization and market opportunities.

Digital Innovation

What does digital mean to your organization? What do your current and prospective clients expect from a digital perspective?  The digital experience looks different to each organization, but what is consistent among our clients is the desire for digital to enhance their current brand.  We work with organizations to guide the formation of a digital strategy that will aid in prioritizing digital investments, optimizing organizational alignment and enhancing the client experience.

Talent Acquisition

Our Maine Executive Search division is the source for regional and national talent. We focus on finding the right cultural fit to fill critical voids on your team, leveraging an extensive network of executive contacts to source candidates. If you're seeking the right executive for your company, Maine Executive Search is the partner you need. For more information please visit the  Maine Executive Search website for more details.

Sales Training & Sales Process Management

Do your associates miss opportunities with new and existing clients? Do they know how to ask the right questions to uncover the full needs of your clients, and have a long-term plan to meet those needs?  We develop and implement customized sales training and management routines to ensure your team is making the most of every client interaction. Unlike traditional sales training programs, our approach seeks to understand the culture of the institution, the preferred approach to the market, and the desired financial or business growth outcomes. Then, we work to develop a company-wide, brand-centric program that can be executed with consistency by the entire front-line team.

Department Turn-Arounds

Do you have an underperforming area of your organization? Our team is experienced in understanding current processes and business models, identifying inefficiencies, communication and processing gaps, and implementing a strategy for change that meets the goals of your company.  A strategic and tactical business plan typically culminates our work, with a clear roadmap to guide long-term success.

Vendor Management

Are you in need of a new vendor partner?  Often the desire to change vendors is due to a partnership that has suffered neglect, in which case, we work to re-invigorate the relationship.  When a new vendor is the best option, we bring expertise to the process, handling the sourcing, evaluation, negotiation and implementation.

Process Efficiency Identification

Most businesses have numerous inefficiencies built into processes that have evolved over time. When business volume starts to grow, inefficiencies can impede success – the opportunity costs become too high when your people are spending time on tasks that can be automated. Let us help you identify when and where technology can provide your business with “lift” so that you can better achieve your business objectives.

Financial Services Consulting

Bank services are constantly evolving. Many are now designed to help organizations increase efficiency, prevent fraud and streamline operations. But which are right for you? For that matter, what bank is best for you? There are vast differences between financial institutions that affect the product offering and service you receive. Our team can work with you to evaluate your current financial package, the banking and accounting practices currently in place, and the options available to you in the market. We will even write, issue and evaluate responses to Requests for Proposals – eliminating hours of work for your organization.

Doing Business in Maine

Let’s face it. Maine is a unique place in which to do business. If you are new to the Maine market - or contemplating entering the Maine market - our team can advise you on aspects of doing business in a way that will be well-received by businesses and consumers alike. Market assessment and positioning relative to strategy, talent acquisition, business location, marketing/PR and community and business development strategies - we have the expertise to help you do it right the first time.

Recent Consulting Projects


  • Led CRM strategic initiative, which included CRM vendor sourcing, vetting and negotiation. Led cross-functional teams through the cultural adoption of CRM usage and internal process automation.
  • Focused assessment of the effectiveness of a Bank Mortgage Division, including leadership, strategy, organizational alignment, department structure, business development; brand awareness, compensation, training needs, compliance and technology. Led the subsequent Mortgage Transformation efforts, including the creation of a comprehensive 5 year strategic and tactical business, and sourcing a Chief Mortgage Officer to oversee the Division.
  • Led a cross-functional team to re-engineer Bank Operations, covering Deposit Services, Client Care Center, Treasury Management, Finance and Retail. Thirty (30)+ processes were reviewed with a focus on compliance, client experience and efficiency.
  • IT Division transformation, including technology and business support, business intelligence and enterprise level governance.  Culminated in strategic business and tactical project plans and an executive search for a CIO.


  • Led a digital strategy initiative, providing a framework to guide the digital experience, prioritize digital investments and optimize organizational alignment.
  • Served as a catalyst to an organization seeking to enter a growth market.  Facilitated strategic leadership strategy sessions, external focus groups; created a business plan, budget and tactical work plan and sourced leadership for the new division.

Vendor Management

  • Sourced and negotiated vendors for account opening, online banking, credit card processing, credit card issuing, mortgage, payroll, remote deposit capture, insurance and CRM systems.
  • Comprehensive HRIS Assessment, including Payroll, Recruiting (employee onboarding and applicant tracking) and Performance Management. Successful sourcing, vetting and contract negotiation for a best-in-breed Performance Management system.
  • Provided interim vendor management with key core vendors to re-invigorate relationships and improve service standards.

Client Experience

  • Identified inadequacies related to a Bank’s online and traditional account opening solution. Created a requirements document for a new omni-channel solution, issued RFP and facilitated final vendor selection and due diligence.
  • Created a market-differentiating onboarding process, leveraging CRM for workflow efficiency.

Business Line/Product Development

  • Launched private banking division which included branding, product suite development, privacy, regulatory and legal considerations, IT, onboarding processes and experience, staffing/organizational structure, training, SLA’s, referral processes, marketing, accounting processes and operational agreements.
  • Treasury Management Gap Analysis, which included sourcing and negotiating contracts for Merchant Processing, Municipal Payments and Remote Deposit Capture. Implementation of numerous products, pricing strategy and risk mitigants, as well as an overhaul of client agreements.
  • Launched a Cash Management Division for a regional bank. Identified and implemented product and service offerings, pricing strategies, proposal templates, risk mitigants, policies and procedures and client agreements.
  • Created a business banking strategy for a department buildout. In addition to a business, staffing and financial model, enhanced the small business product offering, including a micro business lending platform (scoring methodology, pricing models and processes).

Employee Effectiveness

  • Developed and delivered a customized Sales Training and leadership sales coaching program designed to enhance effectiveness, deepen relationships and create a high performing culture.
  • Multiple executive searches resulted in the successfully sourcing of a Chief Lending Officer, Chief Treasury Services Officer, Director of Mortgage Services, Director of Human Resources & Employee Engagement, Information Security Officer, Marketing Director, Chief Information Officer and Market President.
  • Conducted employee coaching in the areas of emotional intelligence, professionalism and leadership.

About Us

Erin Hurley

Erin Hurley, CTP, AAP

Chief Executive Officer

Erin is a client focused senior executive committed to providing strategic leadership to help drive new business, improve operational performance, and enhance business services. She is adept at vetting new business opportunities, and a catalyst for change in existing organizations. Whether transforming entire business divisions, sourcing talent to drive organizational objectives, or creating customized sales training programs, Erin has a laser focus on exceeding client expectations.

With more than 20 years of leadership experience, Erin has a successful record of defining business strategies, identifying and capturing new market opportunities, building and directing high-performance teams, effectively managing change, and delivering strong financial results and profitable growth within intensely competitive markets.

After obtaining her MBA, Erin was selected to participate in Wharton's Stonier School. She has volunteered her time to help the next generation of leaders through her involvement as a Trustee for the University of Maine System, and board positions for the USM Foundation, Portland Ovations and PortTIX.

An avid "foodie," Erin is highly opinionated on the local restaurant scene. For years she authored a lifestyle blog, focused primarily on restaurants reviews both locally and nationally. To offset her passion for food, Erin is also an avid runner, and can be found most mornings lighting up the streets at dawn with her sneaker lights and reflective vest.

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